zaterdag 11 mei 2013

Eldrazi Sliver

After a (way too ) long time being not all that productive, it's time to re-ignite my spark. Hopefully the flame keeps burning long enough to make a few mre posts after this one. This picture started out as a random sketch starting from a 3 point perspective cube. In the end the sketch turned out to be a wonderfull creature looking like a giant sliver. While i was checking my magic cards, i got influenced by the colors of the eldrazi. My goal with this image was to stay away from the usual way too brown colors. I really feel good about some area's of the painting, especially where the details come out sharp, but as usual the environment was the last thing to work on and just got enough attention to finish the concept. I'll try to force myself to go at it again because this time i know what i must do to make it right

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