vrijdag 16 november 2012

Earning trust

Not all dark things are evil. Even at swampy locations where dead animals are rotting on the banks of the pool because they drank from the water, there will be tender things to notice. And yes even there u will find the most colorful butterflies. Not that i soon plan to draw those... i'm just saying...

I guess i have a thing for women with claws climbing trees the same way some guys like tanned busty females on the hood of a sports car. It's slowly becoming a theme and i think i'll keep it up for a while too. Every piece i make brings progress and that's a good thing. I liked how she turned out but as always the background is not what i had in mind. I made several passes but none of them where worthy to be seen alone. When i have a background issues i tend to finish things up quicker than i'd like because not finishing at all feels worse.

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