donderdag 30 mei 2013

The Voodoo Crew

2 weeks ago i was once again doodling random shapes and colors, and as usual things didn't work out the way i wanted. A while after i had given up on what i was doing, i reopened the document and started detailing a small piece that did satisfy me. It had the shape of a long forgotten idea and then it struck me, i must repaint this concept ! At first i wanted to start over from scratch, but things worked out so well with the doodle i didn't want to trow it away so i didn't and spent about 2 weeks to get things right. It's a painting about feelings and memories i hold very close to my heart. There was a time we were making decoration for the legendary Dance-a-Delic happenings. Those were the best times of my life... now i sound old don't i ? For those that remember these parties, this painting is a tribute to (for me) the best party we ever trew, the summer of 2003, and the theme was 'voodoo'.

For those interested, u can find a lot of pictures from that year when u open a search engine and type in: dance a delic pictures. Many thanks to the uploader. I enjoy those very much.

So here's how the final image looks in the year 2013. A lot of experience later but still as vivid as i remember, i present my long lost love... the voodoo crew. I can safely say this is how i always meant it to be, i just lacked the proper skills to make it so : ) Now that i come to think of it, this must have been almost the exact same time we started making decoration for the party 10 years ago. hmm.

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