donderdag 30 mei 2013

The Voodoo Crew

2 weeks ago i was once again doodling random shapes and colors, and as usual things didn't work out the way i wanted. A while after i had given up on what i was doing, i reopened the document and started detailing a small piece that did satisfy me. It had the shape of a long forgotten idea and then it struck me, i must repaint this concept ! At first i wanted to start over from scratch, but things worked out so well with the doodle i didn't want to trow it away so i didn't and spent about 2 weeks to get things right. It's a painting about feelings and memories i hold very close to my heart. There was a time we were making decoration for the legendary Dance-a-Delic happenings. Those were the best times of my life... now i sound old don't i ? For those that remember these parties, this painting is a tribute to (for me) the best party we ever trew, the summer of 2003, and the theme was 'voodoo'.

For those interested, u can find a lot of pictures from that year when u open a search engine and type in: dance a delic pictures. Many thanks to the uploader. I enjoy those very much.

So here's how the final image looks in the year 2013. A lot of experience later but still as vivid as i remember, i present my long lost love... the voodoo crew. I can safely say this is how i always meant it to be, i just lacked the proper skills to make it so : ) Now that i come to think of it, this must have been almost the exact same time we started making decoration for the party 10 years ago. hmm.

zaterdag 11 mei 2013

Eldrazi Sliver

After a (way too ) long time being not all that productive, it's time to re-ignite my spark. Hopefully the flame keeps burning long enough to make a few mre posts after this one. This picture started out as a random sketch starting from a 3 point perspective cube. In the end the sketch turned out to be a wonderfull creature looking like a giant sliver. While i was checking my magic cards, i got influenced by the colors of the eldrazi. My goal with this image was to stay away from the usual way too brown colors. I really feel good about some area's of the painting, especially where the details come out sharp, but as usual the environment was the last thing to work on and just got enough attention to finish the concept. I'll try to force myself to go at it again because this time i know what i must do to make it right