donderdag 25 oktober 2012


Everyone has nostalgic moods i suppose, last week mine was about doom. I loved played and edited the game for a very long time. I was browsing the web for some art but i didn't find that much hell knight fan art, maybe i didn't look for it long enough but it made me think that i should do some myself. Back in the days it wasn't all that obvious to have fan art at all, especially not so widely shared as it is right now. So i'm gonna share the hell out of this one since the game deserves more fan made art : ). I present to u my interpretation of the hellknight's pixels, because that's all i based the painting on. I wanted to stay as true as possible to the design and feel of the character.

edit : the sprite :)

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  1. share the original pixel art ! ( so we can be amazed on how many ( little ) pixels u based this one on.